Carpet cleaning in Kingston shouldn’t be a chore. So, why and how do the messes occur? Uncleanliness can reflect our personality, and it could give our boss the wrong impression. So if your office space needs some tidying up, try following these 4 simple ways to maintain your space.

The Paper Clutter

Having a paper clutter is the bigest spoiler to having a neat desk. So what do you do with all of those receipts and old reports? Well, organizing them into two piles is a good start. Make sure you don’t throw away your “to do” lists, though. Do you have all of the paper forms on your computer? If you do then just throw them in the shredder box.

Those Lingering Dust Balls

It seems like dust just magically appears. So if your desk has been covered with tons of paper for a while, then it is only a matter of time for dust to start collecting if it hasn’t already. To conquer this simply dampen a paper towel and give your desk a few swipes. When you’re done you’ll instantly notice a difference.

Eating At Your Desk

A lot of us do it. Our lunch break seems short so we eat while we work. But, before leaving your desk for a while, clean up your mess. That way others won’t think you are still around which will make them look for you. To prevent this, store away what you haven’t begun to eat in a drawer. The last thing you want your coworkers to complain about is a smell coming from your office space.

Keep Disinfectant Handy

It is always a great idea to keep disinfectant handy at your desk. It will truly keep the germs away. Giving your desk and computer keyboard a good wipe will keep you healthy and happy.

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